The Ten Years' War.

A brief account of my sordid Quad Cam History.

--- 1999. Sick of used Jap bikes, I saved my pennies and dropped cash for a brand new 883C. Showed in spring of 2000... got in adventures, stayed damn near stock. Stolen while I slept, late in 2002.

--- 2002. Went a few months with no bike, my chick didn't like me that way. Dropped cash on another brand new 883C. Cranked out a lot of miles real quick, then tracked down Sean, formerly of American Specialties, and found out he now had his own shop... Grim Metal Worx.

--- 2003. Tore this shit down with Sean, Brian, Some and Jared. Cut the frame in half, made it more awesome... took about a year to build. Rode the shit out of it for several summers... got in some good adventures. Not many photos from this period have survived... sorry.

--- 2007. Sean and I decided to shoot it and see if we could get a feature. Made the cover of The Horse in early 2007.

--- 2007, still. The same month the mag dropped, I got stupid after 12 hours of straight liquor consumption, wrecked the shit wide open in 5th gear. Broke a lot of bones. The Bat ended up sitting in a corner of the shop while I rode other bikes that came my way.

--- 2010... LAST WEEK.
After 3 years of hiding her in a corner, Sean and I finally broke this bitch out, spent 2 or 3 sleepless days/nights puttin' her back together, and now she's officially back on the road.



Still a few details to sort, but she's back, mo'fuckers.

(A huge thanks to Messieurs Sean and Bobby at Grim Cycle Salvage... I'd still be starin' at it if it weren't for y'all)


nick said...

that bike is the business, mr stone. bravo on getting it on the road again, and i must say that the 2nd incarnation of the bike even outdoes the first.

viva Lazurus!!

Sean said...

The broken bunny ears still makes me laugh my ass off. I will never forget pickin it up out of the street and riding it home like that. Funny shit.

motoguru. said...

I think I sat and stared at that thing for a good 20 mins after you pulled up on it the other night. She's a beauty!

Jackieshan said...

Hell YES! Looks great man. So many things I love about this bike.

MUTINY said...

I like it now as much as I liked it then!

Speedin Doug said...

She looks better now

Logan Tanner said...

I'm not one for flames, but the old iteration looked great. This though, is a piece of art. No joke. Love the tank, love the metallic earth tones. Amazing stuff.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

That's Bat Ass! No really.. bad ass!

trent reker said...

right on, man. glad you have your baby back.