Baby steps.

Quick snap from Saturday night.  Mocked-up conduit tubing to determine broomstick bar length (and if I dig the broomstick idea).  As for what needs to be done on this particular section of the bike?  Rebuild the PM master cylinder; determine the final solution for the bars; cables; spin down the caps for the few-of-a-kind risers Sean machined for me; finish the tunnel to clear my electrics; and put in the filler neck/badass knurled and nippled cap that Sportster Choppin' Bastard DJ (from the QCB) spun out for me... so stoked on it.  Pic below.

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Treats said...

I am going to buy you a gold dipped sportster charm for your necklace when this thing is finally finished. I am officially changing the name of this whip to "Jagger Scooter" until its back on the road.

Bagger fo life!