New Lid For The Collection

One of my vices is helmets. There is one style in particular that I
have been on the hunt for: a late 70's Bell Moto 3. I picked one up
off of c-list last week and just got it yesterday. The listing didn't
have pictures of the back of the helmet. Don't know why, would of been
a major selling feature.

Not sure if this belonged to Jeremy or Cru in a past life? Mine now,
and it's in the midst of a sweet makeover.


rob said...

I have/had a Bell Moto 3, I'll have to see if I can find it.

TRJJ said...

It will be Cru's for sure! Thanks for the sticker.

ratstyle said...

its really cool i had seen this helmet on much pics but i don´t know the name so a big THANKS to you