Half the crew home from Onward

Myself, Stone and Rookie made it home today.  We were unable to avoid the dragons mouth.  So we took Tan lines (Hime)

advice and hooked up bags of ice to our bikes for AC.  This proved to be one of the most amazing things ever!!  Ill photos will be posted of said activity when Stone busts an edit.  

Keep a look out for the ill photos and edit coming soon!

Ride Safe Hobbs and Queen!!


Stone said...

Just finished downloading... exactly 51.51 GB of space for 2,160 photos.
It might take a minute.

LandMan said...

come on dudes......just a few action shots.....how about a teaser? something. !

TRJJ said...

Dude, had to download the footage of the backflip over the Tropicana! You'll have an edit next week. Like I tell my kids... 'Please don't ask again, I promised I'd hook it up, I will deliver'

Stone said...

What Jer said.
I haven't even looked at 'em yet... my eyes are still vibrating.