Blown Parts

So I am always on a schedule it seems, I never really have the "yeah sure another day", or the "Lets add on a week and cruise to some bike show, etc..".  SO when my crap goes bad its, hammer time to figure out the plan.  This particular incident dropped my bike in a U-Haul heddin SLC bound for a overhaul in my garage.

Because of this blasted beast burnin' up my bike ran on the battery only for 650 miles.  Voltage reg. is smoked too!
Home for 800 miles. wah! wah!
This is just to salt the wounds when a bike is down. "oh i fixed it!  woop's, its 2 am on the freeway and i have no headlight"  yah
I truly love these journeys, they never fail to offer craziness!!


LandMan said...

gotta love it.....when you least expect it, the stars align. whether it be for the good or bad. but i bet you wouldn't trade it for the world. I know I wouldn't.

nick said...

dang jeremy are those your oh 11 pro model boots in that shot? hotness!