Jay Reuben.

I got an email from my boy Jay yesterday, checkin' up on me, seein' how I was healin'.
We have a bunch of friends in common, but officially met when we became family - our cute younger siblings married each other. So, Jay's a friend, first and foremost, but we're also family, I guess, in whatever way that makes us.
Anyway, he added a link to a quick little vid he'd done up from some Brianhead footy he gathered in a day, in March.
Jay rides for free, cause he loves to do it. He busts his ass building cabinets to fund his winter habits, and to drop cash on trips to the Southern Hemisphere and Hood to chase the gnar during the summer months. He's got a super good attitude, and he's hella fun to shred with. He's movin' to SLC this winter, so I'm lookin' forward to gettin' more shred time with him. Keep an eye out for him - cool cat, killin' it, and he'll for sure have some crazy gangsta' kit, cause that's his steez. This kid's legit, and I thought he deserved a little shout out.
Check it:
Oh... and if you need to hire someone in the SLC area, lemme know - Jay's gonna need a job once he gets up here.

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Paulo - Joe King said...

Nice blog Stone! Bad Ass pics! Very cool...I'm adding you to my links, ok?