Sturgis Voyage Quick Stats

Nine Balls: Everywhere
Baggers: Outnumber Everything
Rain: Clocked about 200 miles in this shit
Hail: 20 miles in that
HD Target consumer: 99.9% of the people here
Percentage that wear HD gear head to toe: 100% of the 99.9%
MT Rushmore: Looks way cooler on TV
Old Faithful: Also looks way cooler on TV
Riding: Still fun no matter where we are at.

I've got about 50 minutes of video, so be on the lookout for a sweet
edit next week.

So funny, this is the spot to come to if you want to see every stock
bike, in every factory color, that has ever rolled out of the MoCo
factory. None of these fuck yards can think for themselves. Stoops.


Stone said...


I'll save the "I told you so" til I'm staring at your pretty face.

motoguru. said...


ben-day-ho said...

i figured it was gay as fuck.