Black Beauty's Inaguration

We had Chris' sporty 99% percent road worthy about 3 days before we
left for Sturgis but then ran into a snag somewhere in the ignition/
wiring, that's when Chris decided to run his Dad's softail on the trip
instead of rushing and having something fail on us. Since we got back
he has been super busy doing shit around the house preparing for
little one number trece. It's been really bugging me that he hasn't
had a whip to ride so I went over there tonight for about 5 hours to
button this thing up and get it road worthy. Here is a shot just
before Chris went to start her up, he even has my Razorback BMX helmet
on from 98, Awesome! Finally, the remaing bike in the duo of "Bikes
that took all winter and summer to complete" are finished, just in
time for winter. Let's tear up some street Brown!!!

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LandMan said...

I'm pretty sure Brown's garage is bigger than my entire house....!