The "F The IRS" Blowout Sale.

For sale...

Being an independent contractor, freelance, or self employed is for the birds. Uncle Sam hates ambition, and he proves it by taxing the shit out of people who choose not to punch a timeclock.
I hate timeclocks, so I owe. I've owed for a while, actually, but I gotta pay the piper. So, since my 2005 Yamaha wr450f sees the least amount of ride time, it's gotta go.
This thing is PRIMO. I've only had it out a few times this summer, I only had time for a few jams last summer, and it was damn near brand new when I bought it... so it's pretty pristine.
DR.D exhaust, Excel wheels, and a few other minor goodies. For the most part, it's fully unmolested. Tires have about 8 hours on 'em. Fork seals are brand new, and the front end is fresh as fresh. With the exception of one bad decision regarding shitty neck bearings, I'm pretty much a maintenance geek, and I don't ride sketchy shit. This thing is fully up to my standards.
It's wicked fast as it sits, but I haven't even pulled the smog shit yet... lots of uncorking to do still. It'll be scary as shit once you take care of that.
The Wr450's only weigh about 15 pounds more than the 250's, so they handle great. And they've got power for daze. Basically, whatever you point this bitch at and commit to, you'll get over it... this thing is GREAT for gnarly single track shit. If you can take it, this can, too.

I'm asking $3,800 OBO.

Or, since the weather's turning to shit and I still haven't bought a car, I'll consider trades for early-to-mid 90's Toyota pickups, extended cab only, 4wd/5spd/V6, in decent shape. I don't waste my time working on 4 wheeled vehicles, because they're not nearly as fun... so it needs to be a runner.
Thanks, y'all. I'll have some random bagger parts up for sale in the next few days, too.

If you're interested, hit me up. All my contact info is posted on the "contact" page here... but you've gotta go there to get it, that way the spambots don't get me.