Gettin' All Sentimental.

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I was just diggin' through some old hard drives to build an archive of images for Sean's new web dudes (hopefully this means an actual Grim site after years of nothin', but more on that later). I came across this shot. This was my first fully built scoot, and I'll never ride it like this again... makes me kinda sad. Sean, Brian, Some, Jared and I (very little emphasis on that "I", as I mostly drank their beer) tore into this thing, fresh off the showroom floor, back in 02. It took a year of late Wednesday nights to get it done. It saw a lot of road time until one night I got stupid drunk and decided to go late-night rally it instead of easing home like I should have --- that didn't work out too well. It's been down for a little over 2 years now, and it's comin' back together, slowly but surely. I dig it's new direction even better than how it sat here, but it sucks to see all that love that all those homies put into it for me gone by the wayside. Bikes are kinda like tattoos in the fact that they can only happen the way they do the one time... you can't really replicate them. You can try, but the shit will never be the same. So props to all the homies that helped this thing see it's first incarnation, and props to all the homies inspiring and helping on round 2. The Bat'll be seein' y'all come spring, that's for damn sure.

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LandMan said...

can't wait to roll with you soon enough.....