GOD'S REVOLVER are hands down THE BEST band to come out of Utah, EVER. These kids are good friends of mine, and they live like a band of young Lemmy Killmeister's mated with Hunter S. Thompson, with hearts full of whiskey-soaked napalm. They KILL it live, and they're on their way to YOUR town. Check the schedule and get on it. Pack your cheapest whiskey, because they'll drink it all. If I were making a modern interpretation of a Sergio Leone flick, these guys would be providing the soundtrack, hands down.
ADDED BONUS: Download their debut album for free HERE. And watch for tour updates, etc. HERE.
Keep your ears to the ground for their new album, too. Guitarist Jon Larsen has been sending me the raw tracks and demos throughout their recording process... I promise you, this shit will melt faces.


motoguru. said...

good shit! too bad they're driving right on by detroit...

pandaheap said...

Stone is right, these guys kill it. They live and breath the life. Amazing musicians and one of the most insane lead singers around! LO-CACHE!!