Scene Check: NYC.

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So, I was in NYC the latter part of last week and through the weekend for HD's "Art Of Rebellion" show. But, to be honest, I really didn't see much of a bike scene while I was there. It was rainy, so I'll cut y'all some slack. But I was still a little unimpressed...
The bike above was the most exciting whip I saw during my 4 days --- scope those high shouldered wheels! I don't know enough about 'em to say if these are Akront's or not... anybody? Either way, they're good lookin'. Good thing this cat chained that bitch up, though, because I also ran across a few of New York's Finest about 10 minutes later. If your scoot gets mobbed, I've got a feeling these geniuses will be the gumshoes hot on it's trail... so lock 'em up, New York.

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motoguru. said...

holy fuck, are you kidding me!? there must be a serious shortage on people wanting to be cops in NYC these days.