South of the Border

Embarking on another Bolts Action Adventure next week. I asked stone to make me a flyer and his sarcastic ass sent me this and managed to miss spell my hometown(I love you Stone). Obviously that wont work so if your interested in going, or meeting up with us a long the way, drop a comment.
Here is a loose itinerary

November 5th: SLC to Phoenix, Straight through to see Lucero at the Clubhouse in Tempe.

November 6th: Ride out from Phoenix and head south of the border to Puerto Penasco Mexico(about 170 miles from Phoenix).

November 7th: Wake up in the morning, practice some epic flat track turns, pet some goats, buy some chicklets from little mexican girls, then head back up north towards Phoenix. Roll up to the Loser Machine booth at the Dice Issue release party and share some epic stories with fellow road warriors. Enjoy the evening and get a solid nights rest.

November 8th: Phoenix Day

November 9th: Start heading back to SLC, either blazing all the way back, or separating the day in Vegas.


Stone said...

"When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking".
It's not my fault that Phoenix is so buck-wild that they even break that rule. Maybe all those nine-balls never got that 2nd grade memo when settin' up shop down in the Meth Valley desert.

chessie said...

God, I miss AZ. and CA. and TX. and....
I give up...you guys have fun...I would really like the ride into Mex. for sure...