What The Pros Are Rockin'.

It's gettin' cold --- time to head over to Milo to mop your favorite pro's steez.
What's Jeremy Jones rockin' this season? Burton Jeremy Jones Pro with some angles on front and back... maybe 18, -15 degrees? Doesn't matter - as long as your kit's tight, no one will notice that you still grab tindy. Denim on denim for the proper Canadian vibe, steel stabbers and American made .38 specials with the hi-back mount. Barefoot steez is this season's street gypsy... get on it. Also, I think he's rollin' commando, so lose those constricting skivvies. Get loose.


jon said...

i've been rocking barefoot since '96... mother fucker.

ambsace said...

a) that denim vest is yours, fucker.
b) you want a canadian vibe, come drink with me, fucker.
c) fuck you, fucker.