Circa 1986

I guess my Dad deserves the credit for my love of motorcycles or anything with wheels for that matter. I was at my parents house a few months ago and popped open some old photo albums. Ran across these bad boys so I yanked em and had to scan them in for further review.

These were taken when I was about four years old. My Dad had a close homie of his that owned this cabin up in Northern AZ that was passed down to him on a "Generation to Generation" type deal. There were only dirt roads up to it, so in the Winter we had to rip the ATC's in since the snow was so deep. I can vividly remember being up there at this young of an age. I was so hyped on Pop's 250R, I swear to god I must of drawn that thing 500 different times in 357 different configurations during my school career. It was definitely the "Ender Ender" for me. Still a part of my roots, but thank god I grew out of a three wheeler being my dream bike. I will say that my kit is pretty dialed: Mountaineering boots and full Levi's body suit, "Later Dayzzzzz". Pretty creepy the resemblance that my pops and I got going on as well.

Crazy how times have changed from the good ol days.

Team Hobbs

Dialed kit from day one

That heater was the only thing keeping me on

I felt like such a bad ass in this picture

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raiderf146 said...

is that munds park, flagg, or woods canyon rimm cuntry?....I can smell it from peoria....