...It was going so well

Pulled my nasty fork oil, swapped with some new stuff, got rid of some bounce I was getting!
Also broke out a link in my chain, changed all my fluids rebalanced my tire, bike was runnin' great!
Yup, then something in my wiring started grounding out or getting a power surge, not sure yet, have to dig in today. But I ended my night pushing my bike a half mile or so, then calling Brock and Seth for a Haul, thanks dudes!!!

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andy said...

yeah i bet it rides good with out that mud i mean oil in the forks haha! sucks about the wires, any progress since we talked last? this summer i pushed my bike from nsl, to slc in hot weather. screw that! glad you got a haul. if you ever break down feel free to call.