Like a Proud Father

About a year ago I drove out to California and picked up my buddies bike that had been sitting on his street in Silverlake CA just corroding away. He got the bike after some random circumstances came up; he loaned a buddy some money, took the bike as collateral, been sitting there ever since because in his words it was "way too gay to ride". After taking possession of said bike, I did what any good friend would do, I made it look dope. After he got it back he began to ride the shit out of it. Its like homeboy went from mild to wild in point two seconds. Its fucking awesome!

A few weeks back he somehow gets involved in this gnarly ride with Heath Kirchart and Arto Saari down south in Baja Mexico. They left last week and are currently "Mid Mission". Bill from Chopcult/Biltwell started a thread on the forum documenting their trip. I havent talked to Hime since he left but I hijacked these two pics from the thread and they made me extremely proud. Last year homeboy hadnt layed a hand on a throttle before and now he is blazing down dirt roads south of the border. I might of shed a tear when I saw this. Mad props Hime.

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