Ride To Shred

Here are a few stills that Queen took today while we were on our way up to Brighton. Stone, Jer, you were missed.
I always seem to need gas

Seth and his sweet helmet cam before it took a shit. A careful eye will reveal a fearless duo in the background, JP and Pat

The Spot slogan


Stone said...

No, my little pumpkin... YOU were missed. I need some help holding down this chair, fully bummed you can't be here next to me.

LandMan said...

fuck skiers? come on, my dad is a skier and he's a really nice guy.

T-Hun said...

When you guys are ready to ride up North to Logan and wanna shred the Beav, let me know, we've got a great little moto crew up here. www.apartofhim.blogspot.com

Devin O'Brien said...

Looks like an amazing day...Living the dream!