Rollin' Dirtiez.

* * * * *
Sometimes shit gets retarded and all you can do is round up a few homies, load the dirtiez, pick up a few rounds, and man-day it out. Kevin, Brian, Sean and I needed just that... definitely helped a bit. At least until the ibuprofen wore off a few hours ago.


howardvoght said...

i like seeing all the surfers, but who's got this?


TRJJ said...

You must have missed this post, http://vimeo.com/6662751 Not only does Graves match, he kicks his feet up Yo! :47 sec

howardvoght said...

I hadn't, it takes a serious dudd to hook up a straight layback like that!

Figure I'd share this gem:


with apes! wow

TRJJ said...

Thats sick!!! Wish I could do that for sure!!