First Monday of the month...

is what we like to call Moto Mondays at Este Pizzeria in downtown SLC.

Its been snowing the past few days in SLC but that didnt stop the diehards. I was pretty surprised that seven people roughed the frigid weather and rode down for some pizza. This was the first go round and I think its going to get epic by the time Spring comes around. In the mean time its looking like riding in the snow is the only option.

Moto Mondays from Bolts Action on Vimeo.


nick said...

that black beauty is the dopest ride i have seen in a while, so dope. you guys should do a feature on it

gotta give it to you boltsactioners for ridin in the snow, that is some serious commitment.

keep up the good work

T-Hun said...

As soon as Sardine Canyon is rideable again, you'll be seeing a crew from Logan on Mondays for pizza.