New Ink

Been a little slow around these parts for a minute. I have been slammed with work, Jer & Seth have been filming, and Stone is smoking Cigarettes. Going to try and ride the bike tomorrow now that most of the snow if off the streets. In the mean time check out the newest piece of flair. This is a Nixon window that I had produced for Milosport in SLC. The picture of Jer was taken by non other than Mr. Steven Stone on one of our many trips to SoCal this past summer. Stoked on how it turned out and extra stoked that the Bolts sticker on his helmet was highly visible in all the ad's Nixon has been running.

Back to work now.


Its just metal said...

Super Rad!

Stone said...

These cigarettes ain't gonna smoke themselves, smartass.

Weston Colton Photo said...

Yeah Steven! The door looks rad. I'm guessing this got jacked in the Milo break in last week? Bummer. Hook them up with a new one Hobbs!