Radio Flyer: Rat Rod Edition

I was out in Phoenix at the Good Guys car show a few weeks ago. Some sweet rides and chops out there for sure. There was one thing that caught me off guard, the most bitchin wagons I had ever seen.....and by wagon's I mean the Radio Flyer. Check out this hacked up piece of history. If any of you readers have a youngster that isn't quite at the balance level for a small motorcycle then I highly suggested you spend a few hours out in the garage fabbing up one of these bad boys. Or better yet, if you dont have "said kid", this will make a sweet storage container on wheels for all of your swap meet purchases.


motoguru. said...

that thing kicks ass!

Its just metal said...

i see one of these every time i go to a car show but all kinds of takes on them. I want to make some kinda rig to haul my daughter around.
pretty creative.