When I was a young buck all I wanted was a dirt bike. I must of drawn the Honda CR80 five hundred times over in school just day dreaming what it would be like to own one. Only the "Rich Kids" at the time had em and I was the "Broke Dick" dreamer kid who always lived in an apartment that changed every six months. I came to grips with the fact that I couldn't get my hands on one so I latched onto the next best thing, BMX. I think a lot of people that check this site have had there hand in BMX at one point or another. It was so much fun, probably more fun that owning a dirt bike because I had so many more homies that could afford BMX race.

Here are a few shots I came across the other day from my last racing days. I will try and dig up some earlier photos. Good times though for sure. Makes me really appreciate the fact that I have a motorcycle(s) now and have just as much fun with my crew as I did when I was 13.


Stone said...

Sick... I never raced. I just built plywood jumps in the field across the street.

pandaheap said...

Whole crap, how old are you! That picture was taken in 98. You were 13 then?

andy said...

powerlite p51, profiles, crupi pedals!?! is that what i am seeing here? i think we were involved in this scene about the same time. fun times. i will have to dig out some of my bmx shots!

Harold McGruther said...

Good meeting you guys (Stone and Jake) in Phoenix this weekend. Thanks for the spex and the love. Keep in touch, gents.