Welcome to the fleet

All of the contributors to this site are avid photographers, hell Stone does the shit for a living. But what I mean when I say "All" is everyone but me. I am like the little engine that could, I'll try and try but my shit always comes up short. Hopefully this new addition to my repertoire will help in speeding up my learning curve. Welcome G11. Stone, Seth, and Jer are all members of the "G" family but as Stone would put it "That's just my toy camera". Hopefully my toy camera will help in the process of getting legit content for you to enjoy.

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jonlarsen said...

stone once told me a little secret. everytime i utilize this little secret it never fails. take photos of shit thats already cool, and you will end up with cool fuckin photos. so lately i've been blaming my poor photography on my apparent lack of taste of what is cool.