Pigeon Jump

I want this someday. Cool dude, at a stoplight bro-down sesh!

So we had jumped a few times. Then Andy says to me "Ill lay down now" I said "huh?" "yeah, jump me!" , "alright if you want" He lays down, so I just goose it to make sure there isn't a chance I land on him. I cleared the Napoleon Dynamite landing ramp by a few feet, so... I had to let Andy jump me! Friends always gotta back up friends right? This photo came out sick. Funny side note: Brandon and Brook from MotoMonday, had been joking around about "literally" being Jumped in to whatever it is we got going on. Well, looks like me and Andy are the only members right now, haha!

Bishop draggin' his pegs!

We practiced poppin-a-wheelie and some on the pegs 360 burns. Sickness of a Saturday afternoon. Thanks for the jam Dudes!

(thanks to Bishop for the video clips from his phone!)


Joe said...

Awesome pics! Love that tune by BRMC too.

andy said...

haha what a fun day.

nick said...

you bitches are kerazy!!!!! dope update for sure, so rad.

motoguru. said...

fuck. such goodness.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

WHISKEY MILITIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!