Brock broke his steed

Took my bike for a test drive this weekend down to St. George and back. With the minor exceptions of my tank almost falling off, my brains being shook loose and the occasional rear brake lock up I'd have to say it was a perfect ride to work out some of the bugs! So fun. Can't wait for more.


Ran out of gas just passed Beaver... My mind must have been somewhere else! So while I was waiting I snapped these beauties!... Enjoy the bad assness


Logan Tanner said...

This comment will define me as the ass I genuinely am, but I can't help it.

You said, "Just passed Beaver..."
You meant "Just past Beaver..."

I just love this blog too much to let it slide.

Jeremy said...

You've never passed a Beaver before? Wierd! You callin' Brock out on his grammer reminds me of dinner at my inlaws. Grammer nerds.

Lobo said...

Amazing pic the 2nd one...