Chris Graves... No-Homo Piece

I used to snowboard with this rad kid from AK that moved out to SLC with a group of dudes for school and shredding, We talked one day at an early season session about bikes, I had ridin' my sportster up to the spot so it kinda sparked the conversation. Dude was so into "the knowing" about bikes and talked to me about building his own one day. 8 years ago I thought this was nuts, mine ran because a factory put it together that's all I knew at the time. So Chris's dreams were crazy to me.
So to make a long story Long, we hadn't touched base in a few years and then we connected. I come to find out he had been turning out chops from his pimp tiny garage (gravediggerschoppers) to feed himself while going through school to be a genius. Anyway 8 years ago Chris was the first of the "new" generation of bike crews in Utah, it's cause of him that allot of us started chopping our crap, or got the motivation to step up to a bike. Hats off Homie!!! I appreciate you sharing the knowledge you have with me and the help you have provided me, and the bike and skate sessions that still will come and go. FTW Holmes!

Chris Graves Edit from Bolts Action on Vimeo.