Dissasemble Jam

I found this walking to my bike all geared up ready to go meet Jake... Crap!!!

Andy at Pangea was happy on the other end of my phone call to lend a last minute panic hand, and weld up my frame for me, with some added support. Stoked! thanks a ton Andy!!! Back to the ride 2.5 hours later and 40 miles the wrong direction.

Everything was going good, making good time, lots of wind and In and out 15 minutes before they closed at 1 am in St. George was in our sites. Oooops... My chain derailed due to my rear pulley lug backing out, chain locks between frame and pulley, puts me in a skid at 80 mph for about 20 feet then the lugs sheer inside the hub which frees the wheel, so I make it to edge of the freeway safely!!! Beast! Wait 2 hours for a tow truck, get into St. George at about 3:30 am.
Started early searching out parts. With not much luck in St. George we thought best to truck to Vegas and find parts. A huge thank you to Mom and Pop Derrick for showing up in the parking lot of the hotel, not knowing us ( only that were Homies with there Boy) and helping us out by running us around St. George, and offering home cooked Breakfast, so dope! Thank You Thank You!
We opted for a rush outta town so we hit In and Out since we missed it the night before.

After a deep search in Vegas for a Rear ( which had to get machined out for 20 bucks on the spot to fit the sealed bearing wheel hub) and Front Pulley a new chain and wheel with some rubber. Again a huge Huge thank you is needed, Derrick and Jason, man.... I can't thank you dudes enough!!! You saved the trip for us! Seriously!!!
We decide to get back on the road with about 80% confidence and a new look on my whip with a blacked out Mag.
The 7 pm departure outta Vegas put us into San Diego right about 1 am. All in all this stretch despite the huge head wind the whole way was not so bad, but it didn't fail to offer entertainment with a kickstand disappearance between gas stops. Well my helmet serves as a great temporary option I suppose.
So to help explain my last post from my phone. a 12 hour trip ran us a cool 34 hours a couple hundred extra bucks for me, and a lifetime of memories. And we still got to jam back to SLC.