Fear Based; Rehab.

Some of y'all may remember I had a bit of an issue with speed wobbles last summer. Personally, I've had a real hard time forgetting.
Being winter, I've had nothin' but time to sketch myself out thinkin' about what went wrong. I bought what's supposed to be the best handling bike HD ever built. I've freshened up about half the bearings, and I'm in the process of freshening up the rest. Making sure that everything is fresh and solid... tryin' to leave nothing up to chance. But I'm still scared shitless every time I catch a shimmy. I keep finding myself gettin' sketched as hell as soon as I start hearing the RPM's creepin' up... I haven't been able to push myself past 85-90 or so.
Well, fuck that.
I've officially checked in to Fear Based Rehab.
Jammed over to Sean's today to build a standoff so I can get my new damper mounted...
And, for the first time since buying my FXR, I said fuck it and jammed that shit right up to 110. Sink or swim.
Felt fuckin' good.

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motoguru. said...

atta boy, stone! i need to mount mine one of these days too...