The God Interview.

Another shameless plug for our homies in God's Revolver, the greatest fucking rock ever grown in Utah's ovaries. Read about their recent mescaline-fueled tour HERE in their SLUG Magazine interview. And, if you haven't yet, go download their debut album "Little Black Horse Where Are You Going With Your Dead Rider?" fermutherfuckinfree RIGHT HERE. You can call and thank me when your ears stop bleeding. And get ready for their new album, "The Rosary", sometime in the next 8 years or so. A few of us have been lucky enough to hear the demo's for what's to come from these boys --- you will not be disappointed.


vin said...

yeah man, that album kicks ass. fan since that first vid you did with roca.

motoguru. said...

word. dl'd that shit back when ya first mentioned them as well. good shit for sure!