BCM/70Moto compound

One thing that is rad about all this moto crap, is that most everyone seems down to help! Your best friend of all time as well as the dude you have never met. Seems like the love for bikes and someone on the road just takes over and all we can do is help a homie out!

Chris Collins 70Moto

Kim Boyle (Bench*Mark)

Hobbs on our mob out of checking out pretty cool scene of bikes, space and dudes. Thanks Gentlemen!


nick said...

couldn't agree more man. other than bitter old dudes on roadkings, most cats in the bike "scene" are awesome

by the way, sick bolts actione hoody. can we buy one too?

Zombie Performance said...

nick pretty much said it! minus the local HOG group. wheres hoody?

nick said...

top shot zombie! JJones is runnin it