Destruction Jam: The Depart

What an eventful trip. I decided to leave Encinitas on Saturday morning, ride to Vegas, and fly from there since the weather has been gnarly in SLC. The whole trip Jeremy kept saying how my bike was a "Runner" because nothing had gone wrong. That quickly turned on my way home, battery died while I was on a two lane highway, sweet. Two hours later I had a new one delivered. I put that shit on warp speed and made it from Oceanside to Vegas in four hours flat, with just enough time to walk right onto the plane. Missed the sweet earthquake by about 24 hours.

Lookout for a sweet edit in the near future.


Zombie Performance said...

all part of the adventure!

BDF GOONS said...

isnt it great how breakdowns are never near a garage with a mechanic or supplies. Its always the middle of nowhere that lands you without gas or a blown clutch. Still better than a cage!