Thank You's

I owe a number of thank you's for my, so far oneway trip to cali.
Jake- For just dealing with everything with me, good times and stories for sure!!
Andy (www.pangeaspeed.com) -Hooked up the first fix before mobbing outta town.
Derrick and Jason- For there Rad parents, then driving us around Vegas on a parts search, for the tools, garage and time!!!
Kim- (http://boylecomm.blogspot.com/) for the weld on my pipe bracket.
Pat- For the space and kindness
Chris (www.70moto.blogspot.com)- For hookin up a sick cut job on a front sprocket case for me, going the extra mile for no reason other than not wanting me to run a stock one. For the kickstand and the good chattin' while I put it all together.

All you fine folks are stellar humans!! I hope I can rebate the goodness oneday.

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