BoltsAction 1 Year

BoltsAction will be a year old on June 22nd of 2010, We are very excited about this! Our timing of turning 1 is perfectly lined up with GO SKATE DAY June 21. BoltsAction has linked up with Milo-Orem and Wooden Robots and will be busting out a skatepark tour of Utah on Go Skate Day for our Birthday party, we want everyone to come skate, ride and enjoy. We are making the plans now and will repost with the park tour and the final destination and start point and so on. The link in the side bar will be updated ASAP, and any changes made will also be posted. Gods Revolver will be playing at some point, Bar-B-Q's will be going down, tons of skating and tons of rowdy bike riding, gonna be the best birthday party ever!

Parks that will be in the line up, Here, Here and Here

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jmassic said...

I was hoping to have my little ride ready for go skate day and this anniversary run, but looks like I'll be a week or so shy... lame