Grim Cycles

I got so sick of my bike just not givin' me what it had in it. I loved the idea of "the look" being my focus, but I decided I was gonna go for the performance and actually open this motor up to is potential.
Sean at Grim has a knack for making this idea a reality, So I thought I'd give him a try.

So I let go of the "but it's a HD part" theory , and threw it in the box.

The beauty is unexplainable, the S&S is gorgeous (i got some color matching to do still), the pipes Sean Built are pimp as crap!

This is Stone Mess Obviously!
Come home with me baby, lets get it on!!
It all worked too. She pulls so strong all the way through the throttle range and gears, zero low spots, zero spits. SOOO clean it's crazy!! It is still a sporty, its not a bullet bike, but the difference is huge!!! Thanks Sean, and Stone!


Mac said...

i would murder someone for those pipes. shit is sick!!!

Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

Super sick, hope that shiz rips for you!!!!

Tyler said...

i'm a believer.