The No Post, Post

Apologies for the delayed postings. Been raining a bit, some bikes gettin' buttoned up, half the Bolts dudes were surfing and chillin' in Mex this week. Not that I need to excuse ourselves, but then again it seems like I do.
Anyway fresh content is in it's development stages. Later, thanks for checkin' in, as always!


nick said...

jeremy, that top picture of jake hobbs on his bike is awesome; freakin love it. nice job man

MUTINY said...

Nice shots, but how do I get oe of those bolts helmet stickers?

Zombie Performance said...

yeah,...im still waiting for a some bolts sunglasses!

Jeremy said...

haha! the glasses are just a sticker job. But ill sticker a pair for ya, for a premium of course, haha! If you need sticks for your custom glasses let us know, email below.

Mutiny I have a few Bolts Die Cuts from my personal stash i'd be happy to send you (jake might too) . email ur addy to boltsaction@gmail