Bolts Action Birthday Ride/ Go Skate Day


This is gonna be super duper alltime! Make it to your park of choice, Join the whole ride or just show up at the Party at night. Makes no difference to us just so long as you get out and Skate!
We will meet at Wooden Robots Headquarters to start off the day, address and time on flyer above. Nixon will be at SoJo skatepark dishin' out some goods. Best trick comp for some ill headphones and some other good has been talked about. Sean at Grim is gonna throw in a pair of his bars that he has been crankin' out for the past ten years so you know you'll get a good set, maybe for a trick maybe for someone the jams the whole ride, maybe just cause you have a good smile, who knows. Celtek will be somewhere doing something, so keep an eye out! We runnin' it loose and on the go, so many surprises may arrise. There will plenty of giveaways at A Bar named Sue that night so don't miss out on that, Plus a great band line up, God's Revolver and Los Rojos, Bangin'! So come celebrate Go Skate Day and our Birthday here at Bolts, yea Happy birthday to us were gonna be a number now!

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