Classic Jurassic

As I took this photo all I could think about was this scene from Jurassic Park I saw on a lazy Sunday afternoon while flipping through the channels the other day. I don't quite know why I decided to stop on the movie Jurassic Park that day, I guess that is to be a blog topic discussed another time. However, there is a scene where the old man (creator of the park) puts his grandchildren and worlds top scientists on a trial tour of the soon to be blockbuster Dino- sightseeing joyride of the future.

As the caravan comes up to a stop at a section of jungle, the old man so eagerly hits a button which activates a hidden hatch that opens up exposing a single white innocent goat tied to a pole.

Now everyone in the caravan knows what is about to happen right in front of them, the kids are getting squeamish and start a light panic. The smart-ass boyfriend starts licking his chops and readies himself for some action. The scientists, not amused but wouldn't even think about not being able the chance to witness what is about to unfold. The old man watches, reading every move of his spectators with careful eyes as if he has baited a nuts full house on a check raise at a poker table.

Well.. nothing happens.. and they move on..
However.. in the end the T.Rex gets his.. and some..
Like a lone white goat tied to a pole in a cage with its inevitable doom.. this bike now sits in my garage innocent and not knowing its fate to come.. I think you get the picture..


Have a great weekend!