Cost of a nail: $.02
Cost of an Avon Venom 140/90-16: $200

(Prices approximated... I really have no idea what the monetary value of a single nail is, but I'm assuming that, at best, it's about 1/10,000 the cost of my fairly-new Avon)


jmassic said...

Take it to Les Schwab, They should be able to patch it.

Stone said...

I've got this thing about tires.
I don't ride patched tires.
I don't ride bald tires.
I don't ride used tires.
I don't ride cheap tires.
If you've ever wrecked or lost a friend to shitty tires, you understand...
$200 for fresh rubber is pretty cheap when weighed against the possible alternatives.

ben-day-ho said...

check this clip. so good, watch these t9 kids go crazy, no seriously it's good.


BA said...

Been there my dude......sorry.

cpb said...

BUMMER. But look on the bright side. Now you can get on the METZLER train.

Sean said...

Neato, a word of true wisdom from Stone.
Got weather cracks? Don't deal with it, plug'em, patch'em, fix'em....Got a hole sorry about your bad luck...get new rubber....Life is too short. Oh yeh and if you only paid $100 bucks for your bike. You still need to put $200 tires on it.
By the way Mezlers 15% of at GRIM thru the end o the month. We just got a new tire machine and balancer too....it's itchin to stretch some meats on your rims.