The mail lady didn't ruin my day today. In fact, she made it better. Not a single threatening letter from the I.R.S., and she left me this.
Thanks, Adam... this is fantastic.
To anyone who hasn't picked it up yet, get on it.

(Adam's words)...

"OK, details. It's 50 bucks (60 bucks shipped international) and it goes all over the place, photo-wise. It's all photos from: (see photog list in book, I can't remember them all). I can't describe shit well. It's pretty fucking epic.
So many great people contributed. I mean it, the thing is serious. There's definitely nothing like it. 500 made total. 100 first run. It's like 4 Road Courses thick, very thick paper, printed in USA not Hong Kong. I have a PayPal now through my email, adamwrightphoto@yahoo.com. When they're gone there are no plans to reprint. Thanks, ese." --- Adam Wright

Get after it, kid.

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