Bolts Check: Mark Welsh

Mark Welsh

I've known Mark for some time now. We have never been daily hanger outers, daily texters, or phone caller budies, only the occasional e-mail here and there, a trip maybe and a bit of bizness once in awhile. Mark has always struck a harmonious chord with me though, be it his smug smile at some dry humored thought he is carrying around, or a snazzy wit filled comment pertaining to the wackness in front of him. Or... Just that fact that he is down! Down for the moment, the jam, the work, the grind, raising his little girl, whatever it is, dude is committed to being a good human and making use of his soul. So without to much bull crap I introduce you to Mark Welsh.

What got you interested in photoging?

I thinking looking at shots from WWII and Vietnam

What's you primary subjects (that pay bills)?

Shooting for Nitro Snowboards and L1 and Lita Outerwear

What's your prefered subjects?

Street Photography, Real Life and Shitty Things

Why an interest in motorcycles, and moto culture?

My Grandfather, Brother and Dad all rode and raced bikes.

If you had to pick only 1 thing in the world to draw inspiration from, what would it be?

My Wife. I find her the inspirational, creative and amazing muse in my life.

Thanks Mark!

Mark is part of a show coming up in Portland with a few heavies, peep game if your in the hood.

Mark Welsh
Scott Pommier
Jon Humphries
Benji Wagner
Molly Quan
Roger Seliner
Ray Gordon
Wez Lundry

Bikes by:
James Crowe
See See Motorcycles

Live music by:

October at Nemo

Opens Friday October 1, 2010 6-10pm
Nemo Headquarters
1875 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR 97214


Speed Cretin said...

Nemo...really? A hipster ad agency hosting a motorcycle show? Hmmm...I guess chopper really is dead.

tonino said...

haha, Yea fix gears, i mean choppers really get into everyone's heart. ah the ebb and flow of coolness. Thanks for the pics Mark and for the post Jer