My plans are to do a re=up'd swing arm sporty. Im changing the rear end to give it new lines and chop it out a bit, not a tracker, but not a chopper and not a brat. But similar to all those I suppose!
Anyway... there are getting to be a few people in the SLC that are becoming/or already are really good at there trade in bike's. For this round I enlisted Andy Pangea, he has a keen knowledge of welding, process and structural integrity as well as good eye for design. After approving my design as "doable" we talked the best way to get after it, then did such task. Keep tuned in for more!


Mac said...

so all those kidney shots got old with the hardtail huh? kidding. as usual with your stuff im sure the end product will be a killer one off with plenty of side style.

BCM said...

I'm liking where this is going.

jmassic said...

looks like this will be stellar