BOLTS CHECK: Rouserworks

The subject of this post is someone that I literally feel in love with before meeting them in person, or for that matter, even knowing their name.

Most of my fellow moto friends know Rob very well and can attest to the fact that he is one solid cat.

It all started a few short years ago when I was scouring the interweb for inspiration pics of my first sporty build. I ran across an image that I completely fell in love with. At the time I was trying to find a way to bridge my lifetime passion for dirt bikes with my new found love of Sportsters. I now had a photo, but where did it come from?

After a little more searching I came up with this site. I spent at least an hour on it clicking through, right clicking....save as, I just couldn't get enough. I got up the balls to email the guy about some tire questions. To my surprise he hit me right back with the answers I was looking for and more. A week later and a care package shows up on my doorstep, that was really the beginning of my bromance with Rob. I mean lets be real, who the hell takes the time to pack up a new t-shirt, stickers, patches, handwritten note, and then drag their ass down to the post office to pay hard earned money to ship said package to Johnny No-One? Well Rob did and that was all it took to form a life long friendship. He is the type of dude that will always have your back. He always answers his phone, would give you the shirt of his back, and is good for non stop laughs. One word, LEGIT. Ever since I returned home from the Biltwell 500 I wanted to do an interview with him. Last week I finally got around to shooting him some questions.

You're also lucky enough to have a guest interviewer as well. So my dog(literally), Chino, will be asking the questions.Nicknames: People used to call me robot, some still do. In secret i like to call myself rod-a-rouser
Race: Mexican
Gender: Male
Location: Corpitos, Texas
Occupation: Washed up Harley mechanic

CHINO: How did Rouserworks come about?
ROB: It was an effort to try and separate my name from my work, we all know how well that plan succeeded...

CHINO: Why motorcycles?
ROB: Thats just the way it went, they have always been there. Lego motos, gi joe moto with a gatlin gun!, mask moto that could fly, uncle bob, the fonz. Two wheels from bmx to xl, it was part of the deal.

CHINO: Where does the dirt bike influence come from?
ROB: Summertime in Vail, Colorado. When I think of dirtmotos I think of Colorado, when I think of Colorado I think of dirtmotos. Dirtmotos are always on my mind. If i could only have one moto, it would be a dirtmoto.

CHINO: At the end of the day, what pays the bills?
ROB: It's just a game, you win when you don't have any.

CHINO: What do you do when you're not building Shompers?
ROB: Crank calling the local dealer, slaying croaker on 5lb test, barbless hook, and dead shrip - north pac!, mowing the lawn, eating grapes, get spaced out with the wizard, try to bend spoons with my mind, daydream of 3rd world countries.

CHINO: What do you love/hate most about the chopper scene?
ROB: Life on the road, I hate the fact that I love it.

CHINO: I hear you are prone to give random tattoos when you are on the road. Whats the story with that?
ROB: If I can help my buddy's further ruin their lives with a shitty tattoo, then i'm here to help. Shit what are friends for?

CHINO: Name the top three things about Corpus Christi?
ROB: h.e.b., surf, quick access to the Mexican border

CHINO: Top Three Albums of all time?
ROB: Clutch self titled, Stevie Wonders greatest hits, Hank iii his first bootleg

CHINO: What does your diet consist of?
ROB: Water, tea, sangwiches, tacos, ice cream a la chingada, grapes, chocolate, garlic and onions!

CHINO: Websites that you lurk everyday?
ROB: craigs, shomp cult, the black horse... NOT! port a web cam, gooble maps

CHINO: Since you and Jake have a bromance, does that mean he is cheating on his lady?
ROB: No, we haven't kissed yet, she better keep him close!

Thanks Rob for being a homie.

If anyone is in need of one of the best sporty mechanics known to man, or wants a bad ass shomper built, hit Rob up. It will help keep him busy so he doesn't go AWOL into South America with his telescope and leatherman.


Curt said...

awesome interview chino, thanks for sharing.

Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

Cool dude for sure. Thats one of the greatest things about Motor Cycles and Cars, It bring Rad people together! we have met some of the greatest people because of bikes and vehicles!

xbrooklynx said...

Im still a little upset we left mexico before everybody started tattooing each other. Lord knows i love a shitty tattoo.

276ccm said...

Awesome bike! I love that rapido tank..

vin said...

it has been a rough year without my daily rouser blog fix. great bikes, cool dude, always an inspiration.

Haley said...

yay rob!

antihero1972 said...

hell yeah, another blog to waste time while at work. sick stuff being crafted at that shop, thanks for the heads up.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Chatroulette is his real favorite website..shhhhhhh!