The Social

I'm pretty sure I haven't posted for two weeks, pathetic. Got a lot of good content coming your way though.

Let's start by recapping the Salt Flat Social that took place last Friday.

This being the inaugural event, the SLC group wanted to pull out all stops. The Short Fuse boys, and Andy from Pangea spent multiple sleepless nights putting this thing together and making it come to fruition. Not knowing what to expect we all got there early to setup the bikes, shop, and Loser booth. At around 7:30 people really started pouring in. I would guesstimate at its peak there were around 250 peeps there. Thanks to everyone that showed up to support the cause. Chances are if you bought a t-shirt you left with an amazing prize from the raffle. Special thanks on my end to Loser, Electric, and PBR for hooking up super dope raffle prizes. Below are some photos courtesy of Andy from Pangea Speed and a video, here, that the Short Fuse crew put together.

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antihero1972 said...

man i wish i could have gone looked like a good time, my only suggestion for next year is to throw it on Thursday as many head out to the salt on Friday.