AF Rip/Kearns skate park

In the space between the above photo of Jake and the below photo of Jake is a:
"Look down at your broken kickstand, look back up at the canyon road to find thy self off the pavement and on the shoulder, resulting in rear tire dropping down the steep pitch, front tire hanging on up top, in a perfect bag lady drift for a bout 30 feet, when the rear tire hits a 8 inch round 6 inch high stump, pitching Jake and bike into a flawless switch half backside rodeo, bike now is nose into steep pitch on side, with jake facing now up the canyon road in a bed of trees and bushes"
It was a pretty crazy bail!! Stoked that Jake was alright as well as his bike, as you can see in the following photo's, it didn't shake the flow to much. thank heavens!!

Then we hit the park for a cool down with a bunch of ghetto thugs at the new Utah hot spot.

Then went on to MotoMonday which will post soon. Fewiee, what a day!


Mac said...

wow. glad mr hobbs knows how to do a proper bail.

jer, that first skate shot is incredible. like, magazine quality.

nick said...

good lord, mr hobbs looks just like lizard king in that first pic - thankfully no injuries following the fall

Speedin Doug said...

Great photos for sure