Beast Blowout!

I was rolling through my photolog for an unrelated project when I realized that over the years I have seen and shot a lot of Beasts. Now that I think about it... my friends are F-ing amazing so this is just a standard display of what goes down on the reg. I am truly blessed to roll with such a rad crew. All these photos are from the 2005-2006 ish era.
Mike Aitken at Tanner park
Jeremy Jones blasting his Siggie frontside melon
JP and a stylish frontside noselide
Beezer! this was the first day I got my flashes
Jordan Williams nollie fift
Jordan Williams fully piped
Cy Bickmore with a first try 5-00h
Jake Smith- BS lipslide (BS=Best Style)
Cheese made it on Bolts...Whoa!
Caleb Orton with a lofty backside flip
Cy Bickmore putting down a Switch heelflip at the dust bowl, a long ass time ago.


andy said...

man i havent thought about tanner park in like 10 years haha i loved that place. that full pipe was tons of fun as well! thanks for the memories haha!

Jeremy said...

Nice shots Seth! Good to see those surface again!