If you don't know now you know. Jeff Wright from Church of Choppers, and two of his compadres, decided to start a trio of sites dedicated to two wheels.

I contribute to a handful of states and I recommend you sign up and do the same. Its a pretty basic concept, click on the state you live in and find epic rides right out your front door that you might of never known about. Or, contribute to your state and help someone else find nirvana. Check these links and support the cause.

Forever Two Wheels Company Info

FTW Company is three guys that love motorcycles. We live by the credo of hard work
and handle all aspects of our business in-house. Art, print, and shipping.

While racing, building, and riding motorcycles for decades we have learned that nothing goes better with a cool bike, then a bitchin t-shirt. So here we are. FTW Company expands the line up with a new limited numbered shirt almost every week.

FTWCO.com also serves up a new motorcycle 'Video of the Day' 365 days a year, and updates FTW Company sites daily.

Feel free to email us any time with any questions you may have.

Art... Jeff@ftwco.com
Print... Brad@ftwco.com
Ship... John@ftwco.com

I added a button on the right side of our page, SUPPORT!

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Jeff Wright said...

Wow! Thanks guys!
Thanks for posting and thanks for contributing.