La Nieve

On the way to work this morning

Today is the first "Snow" here in SLC. It's the reason I moved here to begin with, and it will be the reason I stay. There is nothing like waking up to that amazing Wasatch Front being covered in snow. Its means different things for different people. For some it means work time(Jer and Seth), for others it means ride time(the rest of us). It got me thinking on the way to work just how much we ride in the winter and how fun it is. I have said it numerous times over the past few weeks to the Bolts Boys, "but I really cant believe how much we ride in the snow". Here are some shots from last season that should get you motivated to ride whatever time of year it may be.


Jeremy said...

Cold memories!

motoguru. said...

I really need to get my shit together and move out there. Riding alone all winter gets a bit boring.

TwoTone said...

Respect brothers! These pica's look freezing! I thought my trip in and out Amsterdam was cold ha ha ha.