Here's the deal: Stone has been out of town for work(its the truth), and has not had the time to get his laid up FXR fixed. Combine that with the fact that the fuck-tard that hit him told his insurance company that it was Stone's fault, so "they ain't payin for shit", has left Steven with a broke down bike that is supposed to be his "runner".

We are trying to get to CA the weekend of the 23rd and need to get this shit up and running by then. So here is where all of you come in. We need to get a whole new front end on the quick, and on the cheap. So if any of you have the following laying around, or a lead on where to come up on something, please leave a comment or hit Stone up directly, blacklistvisual AT hotmail DOT com.

We Need:

- Triples
- Tubes
- Lowers for a Dual Disc Setup
- Front Wheel

Stone is probably going to be pissed that I put this up, but someones gotta do it. Hit us up if you got any connex, thanks in advance, we love you all.


Jeremy said...

I got you on the triples Fool. I probably got you on the front wheel too, Spoke or Mag, Retard?

Stone said...

As of today:

- Jer's got me on triples.
- Brook's got me on tubes that may or may not work... not sure on the length. I'll pick 'em up this weekend and see.
- Kev's got me on a pre-2000 9-spoke mag that'll work with single-pot dual disc lowers --- won't work if I find newer lowers.

Other than that, I DO need 2 rotors for the aforementioned 9-spoke mag/single pot calipers and an axle for whatever lower/wheel combo I end up with.

To anyone down to help... I'm broke. But if anyone wants to trade prints, I'm in like Flint... lemme know.

About This said...

Stone-I have a disc and a brake for ya if your cool with running a single, or combine it with what others might have?
i'll shoot you a note direct-let see what we can do for you

xbrooklynx said...

Ive got a 19" mag with spacing issues. Actually Stone you should just come up to the shop and you can dig through all my shit and see if there is anything you need

Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

I got two matching Rotors! hit us up if you need them!