The WORST DicE Party // Brooklyn Invitational Coverage ANYWHERE on The Webs.

So I was in NYC for 10 days before the DicE Mag Party and Brooklyn Invitational... during those 10 days I worked about 200 hours and slept about 8. Really.
By the time the party and show rolled around I had no voice, was shaking like a geriatric and was fending-off sleep-deprivation induced hallucinations. I was as fucking DONE as I have ever been in my life.
The last thing in the world I was interested in was picking up a camera, so I didn't take shit for pictures... sorry.
Below you'll find all the drunken snaps I managed during my last 2 days in NYC. If you want to see the bikes from the show, I'm sure someone, somewhere has 'em... but not here.

The one and only Rob Rouser and Jeff Wright. Rad to meet you, Jeff.

Austin Sherbanenko and Jeff. Austin designs an amazing line called Odyn Vovk... check it.

Rob "Treat Me Nice With Those Photos" Rouser... I'm so stoked I ran into you, hombre.


Rob and Austin, amazing humans.

Just getting started.

Austin, I'm stoked we got to hang a bit this week... and see IGGY FUCKING POP.

Dre, still workin'... my PA's are never off the clock. Unidentified finger.

Jon Larsen is amongst my favorite humans. Guitarist for God's Revolver, amongst my favorite sounds.

Ran into Josh Kurpius on my way in. Tons of respect for this dude.

Ill muffler.

Shinya... enough said.

Love this.

Leif McIllwaine, badass painter. Jon Larsen, badass in general. Justin Ladd, my unofficial little brother.

The classiest elevator in Bushwick.

Beast... if it weren't for this guy driving across Brooklyn in his massive molester van to grab my ass, I wouldn't have made the show. I'd have slept instead. Thanks so much, Leif... what's one more night, yeah?

Kalvin Goddamn Lazarte... my other unofficial little brother.

Five AM escape from Brooklyn to JFK.

High fives with Jon Larsen for getting the fuck out of NYC.

Truckstop breakfast, Vegas. Part I.

Truckstop breakfast, Vegas. Part II.

Jon Larsen in The Mobile Landfill, Vegas to SLC.

100mph through the desert in The Mobile Landfill. I fucking love Utah.

Smokin' 299's, assblood.

Fuck yes, Utah.

The mountains mean I'm home. Fuck yeah, Utah.


Gorgeous Corpse Culture said...

Im mad envious stone, and that muff is retarded sick!

Rob said...

oh so crazy, that night was wacked!

motoguru. said...

assblood ftw!

jonlarsen said...

fuck yeah, utah!

Jeff Wright said...

Assfaced drunk! Nice!
You can sleep when your dead!
Thank you for the photos.